The Sharp Arteactual - I Feel Like Arteactual Tonight.


Different types of food

I love to cook, but it's different what you cook depending on whether you cook for everyday use or when you cook for a feast or party. I usually try to do something special when I invite people home, not only do normal everyday cooking. Since I know I´ll take some extra time to make dinner I can do something new and fun. I made turkey for the first time when I had a party once, and it went really well actually. Everyone was happy and satisfied afterwards, and many praised me for my good turkey. That was fun!


This weekend we will have friends coming over from The Netherlands. Hopefully my knee joint is feeling better this weekend. We met our friends just a few months before we moved to Sweden. They were friends with my niece and her husband. Because we and our friends have the same hobby as we do, sailing, we got in contact with each other on a birthday. Since that day we stayed in contact with each other and I am so happy that we managed to stay friends also after we moved to Sweden. A lot of friends disappeared despite of the ...